We understand the nuances of the corporate world by virtue of being in senior management and board positions for decades. This gives us a unique perspective to understand the situations and problems faced by our clients as we were on the other side of the table not long ago and can devise our solutions and offerings by using these insights & be able to propose the most workable & successful solution

India Entry
  • Formulate an entry strategy based on the available data & current information
  • Provide market research & views on the overall market & the optimal product mix strategy that will yield best results
  • Country Risk Analysis, Technical & Financial feasibility studies, Devising Business plans & models, Raising of finance from various sources, Investment & Build vs Buy Decisions
  • Assist in selecting local partners - to join in meetings with prospects, due diligence & recommendation based on prior experience & current standing
  • Identifying opportunities and alliances for business growth through acquisition / mergers / organic growth
  • Company incorporation & registration with various statutory bodies including tax authorities
  • Legal, Taxation & Accounting services
  • Arrange connect with local & central government authorities
  • Provide local staff selection setting up of office, provide knowledge on local coordination
  • Interim management arrangements till a permanent team is in place
  • Training & Orientation services for Expats & local employees
  • Assistance in recruitment of top management

Management Consulting

Turnaround of businesses

Restructuring and Reorganising of strategy, policy, operations

Builds and presents to the Board Of Directors a Vision and a Strategy of International Development

  • - Developing Business Plan for short, medium and long term
  • - Developing Mission, Vision & Values statement
  • - Market studies
  • - Business Plans, ROI and profitability studies
  • - Investment opportunities
  • - Financials and financing plans
  • - Local solutions and reliable Partnerships
  • - International Business Development, Customer relations
    • - Management Consulting & Advisory
    • - JV, Mergers & acquisitions, Licence or T/A agreements
  • - Banking & Finances
  • - Comprehensive Legal Services
    • - Interaction with Local authorities
    • - Local recruitment & HR

Protects the Groups interests in its International Alliances:

  • - Interim Management
    • - Joins the Board in JV or Foreign Companies
    • - Management of Corporate Governance and Ethics
    • - Financial Control
  • - Banking & Finances
  • - Comprehensive Legal Services
    • - Interaction with Local authorities
    • - Local recruitment & HR

We have an executive recruitment division part of the overall service offerings to clients. This division has a wide variety of clients where senior management roles have been filled in the past 5 years of its existence.

Consultancy and Management Involving
  • Global Strategy
  • Legal & financial matters
  • Alliances, mergers, acquisitions, sale of assets
  • Operations
  • Business Development
  • HR recruitment
  • Financing ( banks or private investors )